School Trips

Welcoming group bookings of up to 100 school kids, BOUNCE specialises in organising holiday activities, school excursions, break up parties.

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The ultimate school experience

We make sure no one gets left out of the action. Whether it’s play on a massive scale or skills development in smaller groups, we can design a program to deliver maximum individual and group participation – making sure there’s fun and challenge involved for kids at any skill level.

Our team of highly trained staff makes sure everybody plays safe and reaps the rewards in our activities & excursions. Trampolining is a low-impact activity that simultaneously improves co-ordination and boosts cardio fitness. But the kids don’t need to know that – they can just enjoy exploring a playground where the rules of gravity don’t apply.

If you just want to come in and have fun as a group BOUNCE also offers un-hosted sessions at all our venues.

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BOUNCE offers 3 core programs for schools that can be tailored to suit primary and secondary students. All classes go for 1 hour and multiple hours can be booked upon request.

Photo of BOUNCE FIT class

Hosted Group

Hosted school groups offer a fun filled hour where students are rotated around the venue accessing all that BOUNCE has to offer including Dodgeball, Free-Jump, X-Park, Slam Dunk, Performance area and the Big Bag.

  • A trained referee will host the experience – maximising fun whilst enforcing safety
  • Session focus is about fun and participation
  • If required, classes can be tailored to suit school interests
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Bounce ed

BOUNCE ED (co-designed by ACHPER) is curriculum based program that meets the requirement of the ‘Movement & Physical Activity and Personal, Social and Community Health’ strands, making it the ultimate location for students to learn and have fun. Lessons are structured with focus questions used each session to guide the ultimate learning experience. Schools can opt to take 1 session, multiple sessions or the entire 6 session progressive program.

  • A trained referee will run the session with support from teachers when required
  • Sessions are specially designed for each year level Foundation to Year 10
  • Allows students to develop new skills in a safe and inclusive environment
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Team Building

BOUNCE team building sessions are a way for students to build upon their social and interpersonal skills in a fun and engaging environment. The active and non-intimidating platform allows students to comfortably tap into themselves and each other in an all-inclusive team experience, filled with lots of discovery and fun.

  • A trained referee will run the experience
  • Classes can be tailored / themed to student needs
  • Sessions include access the various areas of the venue, i.e. Slam Dunk, Free Jump, Big Bag

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